Finex Engineering (pvt) ltd


We Aim for the Top

Finex Engineering Private Limited (FEL) will inspire its employees to be the best they can be. FEL will engage in sustainable, accountable and acceptable practices keeping in mind the need of its customers at the same time. FEL will steadily increase its returns, but not compromise the quality of its products and services.


Innovation in the Field of Engineering

Our mission is to be a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers and consistently outperforms our peers and produces top earnings for our shareholders and provides a dynamic, challenging and a considerate environment for our employees.

Our Values


At Finex Engineering, we recognize the value of our people and continually strive to develop human resources. We recruit knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals providing them with opportunities in training and exposure.


Finex Engineering’s firm commitment towards providing quality products and services to our Customers has made us the Leader in Sri Lanka today. Our well-defined understanding of the client’s specifications, meeting with their requirements, timely delivery, is the principal foundation of our success.


At Finex Engineering our work is never completed without the final nod of approval from our Customers. Work is supervised with stringent Quality Control Measures. A project is handed over only after a thorough inspection by our Technical Officers. Our Team always ensures that the customer requirements are met upto their standards.


Understanding our client’s needs has given us the opportunity to adopt various engineering requirements to meet the current demands. This includes the flexibility to adjust construction specifications when ever and where ever necessary. All of our projects are custom built and tailored to meet specific requirements. This adaptability and flexibility are key factors that have encouraged our clients to return to Finex Engineering for their most important projects.


Throughout the decades we have earned the trust and the confidence of our Customers, which have strengthened us to stand strong among our Competitors.


Over the years, we have gained a strong integrity, which has helped us to build a solid base of satisfied customers. Finex Engineering’s integrity speaks for itself and our continued success for the past 30 years strengthens our future with opportunities.

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