Lily Care Home


Lily Care Home  (A Home for Respite Care Services)

Purpose of Resource Development:

It all started with the vision to answer the call of our elders and senior citizens of our country. As children of those who are aging now need our help and dedication to assist them to live their lives in peace and tranquility as they journey on into the ultimate dimension of life and happiness.


We come from a culture that is very rich in tradition and heritage. It is a culture that hold the elders and the senior members of our society in highest esteem. They hold a venerable position as head of the extended family system that has been passed on to generations.  However, in the very recent history, with the advent of ethno-cultural strife and civil war in our motherland, this cultural fabric has been greatly affected.

Thousands of families were displaced internally as well as there was the outflow of people to foreign lands seeking refuge to avoid the scourges of the war and destruction of lives and property. Consequently, the extended cultural family network suffered the greatest damage.  Parents were separated from their children. Many became single parent families. Many elders were left behind to fend for themselves. The children who emigrated to foreign lands carried with them the guilt feelings of leaving behind the elderly parents without the support they needed in their motherland.

Hence, our vision is to bring together concerned citizens to help meet the emerging need for services to the elderly and the senior population of our motherland.


We have chosen Kopay in the suburb of the city of Jaffna to establish the centre in developing our foundational services and delivery systems for our elders and senior members of our society. The design and set-up of the physical facility will reflect our cultural values and caring undertaking patterned in a home-like environment for those choosing to be part of our dedicated service system.

Our aim is that this centre will become the focal point from which will emanate a complete service delivery system that will network with existing health and human service agencies in achieving our goals and aspirations in the service of our elders and senior members of our society.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide a vibrant service system for the Elders of our society so that they can experience a sense of peace and harmony within themselves as with those who they have chosen to live.
  • To utilize in collaboration with other Spiritual and Human Service organizations the power of dedicated care in helping the seniors achieve their full potential.
  • To be mindful to the Physical, Cultural and Spiritual needs of the participants when designing the physical buildings as well as the various programs envisaged to be implemented.
  • To ensure that in the choice of the human resources staffing there will be utmost care given to high level of professionalism, honesty, concern and caring towards the participants of our services.
  • To advocate that our services become an integral part of the communities in which we serve.
  • To encourage open communication between the staff, the participants, interested family members, active volunteers and the various community members interested in the services we provide to the senior citizens.

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